U.S. Beer Cans Supplement

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Anheuser-Busch-St. Louis-MO-TOC-Anheuser-Busch-On Draught-Prismatic-MFG Bastian Bros-Red with Gold Lettering-15 X 6 Inches

Anheuser-Busch-St. Louis-MO-TOC-Bevo-10 Cents-Bottle and Fox-Red Background-MFG American Art Works-9.25 X 6.25 Inches

Anheuser-Busch-St. Louis-MO-TOC-Bevo-10 Cents-The All Year 'Round Soft Drink-9.25 X 5.25 inches

Anheuser-Busch-St. Louis-MO-TOC-Budweiser-25 Cents-Bottle on Right-18.5 X 14.5 Inches

Anheuser-Busch-St. Louis-MO-TOC-Budweiser-Bottle and Glass on Silver Plate-Preferred Everywhere-15 X 12 Inches

Anheuser-Busch-St. Louis-MO-TOC-Budweiser-Bottle on Ice-25 Cents In Space for Price-MFG American Art Works-15 X 12 inches

Anheuser-Busch-St. Louis-MO-TOC-Budweiser-Bottle on Ice-Blank Space for Price-15 X 12 Inches

Anheuser-Busch-St. louis-MO-TOC-Budweiser-Bottled At The Brewery-Red Background-Convex Front-Pre-Pro-10.25 X 6.25 Inches