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Section content international cans (all non USA) including all steel cans containing seams and early aluminums and seamless steel (35cl Europeans/all92/3 cans/1960's Canadian, 370ml and earlier Australian etc.}

With limited exceptions (5L 92/3 party cans size these are generally pre 1980.

International cans are somewhat unique in that there are different canning and packing histories and sizes for different countries.

Canning came about as early as January 1936 from the UK Felinfoel in 10 ounce conetop cans, 1948 for Canada , early to late 1950s for most of continental Europe, late 1950's for Japan and Australia, mid to late 1950's in Africa (Algeria, South Africa) and mid 1940's to early 1950s for central and South America (Mexico Cuba Venezuela)

A number of countries throughout Europe North and South America have produced cans in cone top cans.

In the early to mid 1960's zip tabs and later pull tabs were also produced by many nations throughout the world.

Attached are a few photos of international cans.


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